CNI-42U 600x1000

CNI-42U 600x1000

Brand: CNI Own brand of comnet international
Product Code: CNI-42U 600x1000
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Model: CNI-42U 600x800
rail t=2.0mm,
door top and bottom cover t=1.5mm,
side door t=1.2mm,
4 ballbearing fans,
2fixed shelf t=1.5mm,
1 sliding shelf CNI dising,
1verticalcable manager,
2 small lock for side door,
2 grand handle lock,
4 leveling feets and castors(2.5" 2 with brake),
screws 40set,
powder coating black color,
CNI logo,
Frame t 1.5mm,
front wave perforated door,
back flush perforated door














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