About Us

Comnet International was established in 1993 and has since established a clear track record in the delivery, implementation and support of a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art Office Automation as well as Information and Communication Technology business solutions, products and services to our customers. The company’s resultant strong growth has enabled it invest even more resources to widen its solution offerings and indeed better serve its customers to meet their needs to their utmost satisfaction. 


Comnet besides having its own brand CNI and developed a good partnership with Manufacturers such as DELL has in this regard also established unique capability to leverage its key partnerships and other resources through its international offices in the United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates. The group is in this regard able to leverage its increasingly bulk-buying capability to enable us provide uniquely comprehensive and affordable solutions to our customers thereby ensuring provide optimum benefit to our customers.


Comnet has over the years, demonstrated great business potential and capability not only to our customers but indeed even those that have entrusted the company with the marketing of their business solutions, products and services.  The group’s capability has retained even the likes of Dell Corporation, Hewlett Packard Corporation, Sharp Corporation, Microsoft Corporation and others to officially represent them in the provision of their comprehensive range of world-leading business solutions, products and services.


Comnet International services its customers across Afghanistan.


1.Our Products and Business Solution Offerings

Comnet provides a wide range of solutions, products and services to meet a varied range of customer requirements. Offerings are available from global leaders such as Dell, Toshiba, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Sharp, Sony, Epson, Symantec, Cisco and many others.


Comnet ICT solutions offerings can be categorised into the general areas of ‘business applications’, ‘Infrastructure Systems’ and ‘Services’. Comnet can thereby provide end-to-end solutions that encompass the design, supply, implementation, on-going operations management and technical support of ICT systems to meet virtually every business need.




Infrastructure Systems

Comnet supplies the required infrastructure and systems platforms upon which clients can seamlessly and dependably operate their business applications and systems. In this regard, Comnet supplies, installs configures, commissions and supports all types of networking systems, server platforms, personal systems, mobile systems, peripheral subsystems, devices and accessories.


Our server offerings include implementations of Intel based platforms from world-leading manufacturers including Dell, HP, IBM and others. We offer a comprehensive range of solutions to address small business single processor requirements and indeed all the way to large-scale multi-processor data centre systems capable of supporting many thousands of users with high availability, redundant clusters plus many terabytes virtually unbreakable data storage. 


Our Personal Systems include a complete range of desktop, laptop, tablet and hand-held systems featuring the latest Intel or AMD processor and related technologies. Our offerings include state-of-the-art systems from Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba, Sony, Sharp and other leading global manufacturers.


Comnet also offers wired as well as wireless networking infrastructure technologies to enable interconnection of systems for enterprise applications, internet connectivity and collaborative integration. A wide range of peripheral subsystems, devices and accessories are also available from leading manufacturers world-wide, including Hewlett-Packard, Epson, Sony, Samsung, Dell, Creative, etc to meet needs for printing, storage, multimedia and other applications.


Business Solutions

Comnet provides business solutions and applications from various global suppliers, to address specific requirements such as enterprise resource planning, systems management, financial management, document management, customer relationship management, project management, services management, office automation and productivity management, anti-virus and security management, desktop publishing, graphics and photo editing, multimedia management, computer aided design, etc.


Office Automation and Supplies

Comnet provides a complete range of office automation technologies, supplies and services to meet virtually every business need. Our offerings include copiers, multi-function printers, LCD projectors, scanners, binders, shredders, calculators, fax machines, cash registers, point-of-sale systems and many more products.


Comnet also provides quality consumables other offices supplies to meet virtually every business need.


2.Comnet International Support Services

With a staff complement that includes well trained and experienced support personnel and consultants, Comnet is perfectly positioned to offer excellent services in numerous areas of business requirement. Such services include systems implementation, hardware and software support, application development, project management, etc.


Comnet implements projects with the backing of its strategic partners who are the product manufacturers, key distributors and global leaders in the Office Automation as well as Information and Communication Technology industries. Designated products and solutions will be supported with applicable warranty and maintenance services that meet international standards in best business practice and as laid down by the manufacturers. Comnet can also provide the post-warranty maintenance plan that can also include specific upon request, after the expiry of the warranty period. 


Comnet is able to provide technical support in compliance to international standards and as stipulated by manufacturers of the products and business solutions that we supply. This is possible through our investment in the following, among other things:


  1. Appropriately qualified technicians with backing of extensive training and field experience
  2. Provision of easy access to comprehensive support  resources offered by manufacturers, core software providers and other quality authorities.
  3. Provision of on-going technical training, workshops and certifications conducted to equip staff with latest skills in accordance with developments in the ICT and office automation industries.