Networking is a complex part of computing that makes up most of the IT Industry. Without networks, almost all communication in the world would cease to happen. It is because of networking that computers, telephones, Internet, Video Conferencing etc. Work A network can be thousands of interconnected computers in a large corporate office, or it can even be two interlinked desktop computers for the purpose of sharing media and other information. Networking is used to enable multiple users to share a single hardware device like a printer or scanner, To enable file sharing across the network To allow for the sharing of software or operating programs on remote systems. Not only are more and more PCs becoming parts of networks, but networked Pcs are being incorporated into large enterprise wide applications so that everyone in a company can access and share data. 

Comnet besides having its own brand CNI and developed a good partnership with Manufacturers such as DELL has in this regard also established unique capability to leverage its key partnerships and other resources through its international offices in the United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates. The group is in this regard able to leverage its increasingly bulk-buying capability to enable us provide uniquely comprehensive and affordable solutions to our customers thereby ensuring provide optimum benefit to our customers.